Press Release - PGEU statement on the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

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European community pharmacists welcome the ambitions set forward in the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe adopted today by the European Commission. We believe the proposed measures will help ensure patients access to safe and affordable medicines and the financial sustainability of health systems. 

PGEU President Duarte Santos stated: “Today’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the unacceptable, increasingly negative impact medicine shortages have on patients access to medicines require bold, ambitious and coordinated actions at all policy levels. The European Union has the powers within its areas of competence to play a more prominent role in creating and coordinating policies that improve the prevention and management of shortages across Member States. We therefore welcome the European Commission efforts to address this in the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy and we hope that these will be effective in bringing meaningful solutions to patients and healthcare professionals across Europe. 

In addition to the measures proposed in the Pharmaceutical Strategy, we believe that expanding and rewarding the role of community pharmacists in health systems and strengthening prevention and primary care systems are key policy levers to lead the way towards more sustainable, inclusive and healthier future. Furthermore, we consider that promoting the rational use of medicines should be at the core of any policy aiming to enhance the affordability of medicines for patients and health systems. 

“PGEU also supports the proposal for an EU Health Data Space because better health data will help healthcare professionals, including community pharmacists, to provide more personalized services and treatment to patients and robust, evidence-based information on issues related to therapies while promoting the safe use of medicines.” 

Lastly, we welcome the plans to further address antimicrobial resistance and the environmental implications of production, use and disposal of medicines Community pharmacists are ready to enhance their contribution to keep antibiotics working and to advise patients on the appropriate handling and disposal of pharmaceuticals. 

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