Press Release - PGEU celebrates its 60th anniversary

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Today PGEU celebrates its 60th anniversary with a special event in the European Parliament. This occasion is an opportunity to acknowledge the community pharmacists’ vital contribution to the health of people over the last decades and discuss how to shape the pharmacy of the future to better meet patients’ needs.

The event brings together several Members of the European Parliament, senior officials from the European Commission and OECD, representatives of patients, other health care professionals organizations, the healthcare industry and PGEU members to discuss the role of community pharmacists in guaranteeing access to medicines and contributing to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

PGEU President Michal Byliniak said: “The last 60 years have seen many changes in the provision of healthcare and pharmacy practice has evolved and improved together with European healthcare systems. Community pharmacists are ready to further develop their role in providing high-quality patient care and prevention services and promoting the safe and effective use of medicines and medical devices".

 “We are committed to working closely with other healthcare professionals as part of an integrated health team, to help progress the digitalization of healthcare and to continue serving as a trusted source of health information for patients”.

"In 1959, the ‘Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union’ was officially created in Frankfurt. From a base of six founder members – France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Italy - PGEU now represents more than 400.000 community pharmacists across 32 European countries. Its mission has always been and will continue being to bring the voice of community pharmacists at the heart of the EU policy making and to promote cooperation in community pharmacy among European countries”. 

“Today's event is also an opportunity for us to call on the new Members of the European Parliament, on the new European Commission and on the Member States to maintain health as a high priority on the EU agenda”.