Press Release - European community pharmacists for Ukraine

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European community pharmacists stand together to condemn Russia’s unprecedented military aggression against Ukraine and to share their strong solidarity with their Ukrainian colleagues and the Ukrainian people during these dark times. Since the beginning of the conflict community pharmacists and pharmacy organisations across Europe have been raising funds and have supported ongoing humanitarian actions, including through donations of medical equipment identified as most needed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

The All-Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Chamber has described the impact of the war on the operations of community pharmacies in Ukraine in a call for actions against the Russian invasion. The heartbreaking report and pictures show that many pharmacies across the country have been forced to shut down or have been fully destroyed. Where pharmacies are still able to operate, pharmacists put their life at risk to continue to fulfil their mission in providing patient care.

However, there is an acute shortage of medicines. The constant shelling of vehicles moving in the direction of cities and villages is preventing the distribution of products within Ukraine and the delivery of the medicines and devices stocked so far by humanitarian organizations in the neighbouring countries.

Therefore, PGEU calls to guarantee continue access to medicines to all those affected by this war and to establish with the highest priority safe humanitarian corridors to allow essential medical equipment to reach conflict zones.

We also call on all community pharmacists across Europe to continue supporting initiatives launched by their national pharmaceutical associations and/or support international humanitarian organisations working in the field and with refugees through financial donations.

PGEU remains strongly committed to working closely with the European Commission’s humanitarian services and with all the other European health care stakeholder organisations to provide support in any way that can help alleviating some of the most pressing urgencies for the provision of health care and other basic life support.

PR - European community pharmacists for Ukraine