Press Release - European community pharmacists elect Roberto Tobia as PGEU President and Raimund Podroschko as PGEU Vice-President for 2022

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Today, at its General Assembly meeting, the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union has elected Mr. Roberto Tobia, from the Italian pharmacy owners federation ( Federfarma) as PGEU President for 2022 and Mr. Raimund Podroschko from the Austrian chamber of pharmacists as PGEU Vice-President for 2022.

In his acceptance speech Mr. Tobia stressed: “I am really delighted to have the opportunity to represent european community pharmacists next year and I am absolutely proud of the confidence shown by all my colleagues members of PGEU. The pandemic has relevealed all the strenghts and the weaknesses of our health care systems and has clearly shown that community pharmacists, in the front line against Covid-19 since day one, are a strong and indispensable pillar, working with tireless committment 24/7 at the services of patients. Next year will be crucial for the reshaping of the role of the EU in public health with many legislative initiatives that will have a significant impact on pharmacy daily practices, from the revision of the EU pharmaceutical legislation to the creation of an EU health data space. Within PGEU will work together to bring the voice of community pharmacists to policy makers and stakeholders and we will also make sure that the important changes of the legislation many countries have implemented to expand the scope of pharmacy practice in response to the emergency will be further consolidated”.

A practicing pharmacy owner in Palermo, Sicily, Roberto Tobia is Federfarma National Secretary, Federfarma Palermo’s President and Utifar (Technical Union of Italian Pharmacists) Vicepresident. Federfarma represents more than 90 % of Italian private pharmacy owners.

Mr. Podroschko stressed: “I am honoured to have been elected to serve as PGEU Vice-President in the year 2022, a year in which we hope we will be able to meet again and resume a “normal life” with renewed energy and strenght and with the convinction that what community pharmacists have demonstrated to patients and policy makers during the pandemic will help PGEU and all of us to advance pharmacy practice and finally win the battles we have been fighting for a long time, ensuring that our vital role for the health care system is fully recognised and adequately rewarded“.

 Since 2004 Raimund Podroschko works in a community pharmacy in Vienna. Currently he is president of the Austrian Association of Employed Pharmacists as well as Vice-President of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists. He is also Member of the Board of the Austrian Medicines Verification Organisation (AMVO). Furthermore, he is the Head of the Austrian Delegation at PGEU and member in various health commitees of local organisations.


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