Press Release - European Pharmacists elect Alain Delgutte as PGEU President and Mathias Arnold as PGEU Vice-President for 2021

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Today, at its General Assembly meeting, the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union has elected Mr. Alain Delgutte, member of the National Council of the French Chamber of Pharmacists, as PGEU President for 2021 and Mr. Mathias Arnold, Member of Federal Union of German Pharmacists Associations (ABDA) as PGEU Vice-President for 2021.

In his acceptance speech Mr. Delgutte stressed: “2021 will be a difficult year; but in crises and adversity, one also finds energy and ideas for a better future. Today, the European Union feels the need to coordinate to take up a common challenge. Within PGEU too, together we shall keep and promote a strategic vision for our profession to serve health systems. The next few months will see important initiatives, starting with the new EU Pharmaceutical Strategy which shall especially look into ways to mitigate medicines shortages; e-health which is further developing; and new services provided by community pharmacists, who support health systems throughout Europe and contribute to EU priorities such as vaccination, the fight against cancer and prevention of antimicrobioresistance.”

A practicing pharmacy owner in Nevers, Burgundy, Alain Delgutte holds a pharmacy diploma, as well as a Master’s degree in business management and orthopaedics qualifications.

Mr. Arnold stressed: “I am honoured and proud to have been elected to serve as PGEU vice president in the year 2021. In close cooperation with PGEU President Alain Delgutte, I will work hard for emphasizing the social value and scientific performance of community pharmacies across Europe. I hope that our Franco-German tandem can take on successfully the particular challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as everyday European healthcare policy issues. Securing and shaping the future of community pharmacies will be certainly one of the key issues for next year. Unfortunately, supply shortages are also likely to remain a serious problem in the future. As community pharmacists, we need to address these challenges because we are responsible for the health of millions patients all over Europe.”

Mathias Arnold is currently ABDA Vice-President and a practicing pharmacist in his Lilien-Apotheke in Halle. He holds a degree in pharmaceutical studies from the University of Halle and has been certified as pharmacist since 1988.

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