Pharmacy 2030

The PGEU Vision for Community Pharmacy 2030 reflects the desire among European community pharmacists to advance the pharmacy profession in order to meet patients’ needs and current challenges in healthcare.

The PGEU Vision for Community Pharmacy 2030 outlines 10 key recommendations:

  1. Maximise the benefits of the community pharmacist’s intervention for patients and healthcare systems by promoting pharmaceutical services to improve treatment outcomes and adherence and to minimise risks;

  2. Involve community pharmacists in collaborative care models;

  3. Grant community pharmacists access to all relevant patients’ health information and the list of medications they are taking;

  4. Consult pharmacists on the integration of new digital solutions in healthcare;

  5. Allow pharmacists to help progress the digitalisation of healthcare as trusted sources for health information;

  6. Support pharmacists in integrating pharmacogenomics, validated clinical rules and real-world data in their daily practice to improve patient safety;

  7. Support community pharmacists in offering health screening, medicines management, health promotion and education to help reduce the overall burden of chronic diseases;

  8. Establish regulatory frameworks to maximise the value of the highly-accessible community pharmacies network to the communities they serve;

  9. Ensure that community pharmacists can provide patients with the full range of medicines and medical devices they need;

  10. Ensure that remuneration for community pharmacists properly reflects their contribution to improving pharmaceutical care, reducing the burden on other health services and supporting the sustainability of health systems.

Pharmacy 2030 : A Vision for Community Pharmacy in Europe PGEU releases PGEU Pharmacy 2030 Vision Paper