Ilaria Passarani
Secretary General

The Secretary General is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership while managing the day to day operations of PGEU and its ongoing relationships with its member associations and other stakeholders, as well as representing the community pharmacy sector in various European and national forums. The Secretary General is appointed by the General Assembly.

Carolina Martinez-Berganza
Legal Adisor

The Legal Advisor analyses EU Policy and advises PGEU Members on the impact and consequences for the pharmacy profession of relevant European political and legislative initiatives. The Legal Advisor is responsible for the monitoring of EU policy developments, legislation and proposals.

Jan De Belie
Professional Affairs Advisor

A pharmacist by training, the Professional Affairs Advisor is responsible for the PGEU activities concerning professional related issues and liaising with PGEU members and stakeholders on these topics. Other specific responsibilities are to further develop the relationship of PGEU with EMA, with other pharmacy and health professional associations and with parts of the Commission dealing with public health and pharmaceuticals.

Antonio Grasso
Economic and Information Analyst

The Economic and Information Analyst produces data-driven evidence to inform and support the daily work of PGEU. Moreover, he reviews and analyses relevant industry trends and academic research and produces reports and content for internal and external websites. He holds a MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Audrey van Coillie
Senior Office Manager / Personal Assistant

The Senior Office Manager is responsible for the smooth running of the office. She is the Personal Assistant of the Secretary General. She manages the office’s agenda and assists the PGEU staff. She is also in charge of organising PGEU events, General Assemblies and Internal meetings. Moreover, she is responsible for liaising PGEU working contacts and members and manages the PGEU website.

Tilen Kozole
EPSA Officer

The Stagiaire at PGEU is every year the Vice-president of European Affairs from EPSA, the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, who offers the perspective on the Pharmacy profession from the students’ point of view.

Sanja Aleksić
EPSA Vice President of Public Relations

Her priority task is to help to coordinate the promotion and the image of PGEU through publication design, IT and social media.