EU Pharmaceutical Strategy

European community pharmacists welcome the proposal to update the General Pharmaceutical Legislation, a timely opportunity to address a number of key issues within the healthcare sector in order to ensure access to safe and affordable medicines and the financial sustainability of health systems.

We support the goals of comprehensively addressing medicine shortages and anti-microbial resistance, which grow ever more pressing day by day. The insights of our members, who work diligently on the front-line managing shortages and educating patients on the safe and prudent use of antimicrobials, will prove invaluable to tackling these issues.

We also embrace the opportunity of harnessing the potential of digital technology to help our patients take better control of their individual care. A nuanced approach is needed to ensure all our patients, regardless of their level of digital literacy and resources, are kept safe and informed in their use of medicinal products.

Community pharmacists welcome, above all, the prospect of strengthening together the legislative framework to ensure our patients get the care they need.

PGEU Position Paper on the European Commission proposal for the revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation PGEU Position Paper on the revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation