Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

The shift towards the digital economy has accelerated the pace at which new technologies are transforming the healthcare sector. Health systems in Europe are awash with data, whose range and volume are growing exponentially.

Community pharmacy acknowledges the value Big Data and AI can have for European health systems and consider new, innovative and automated technologies as a useful tool to be always accompanied by pharmacists’ expert and professional advice, in order to deliver more efficient, sustainable and high-quality healthcare services to the patients.

In order to fully accomplish this, the European community pharmacists are committed to:

  1. Build on their fully computerized system and on innovative technologies to improve workflow efficiency while promoting patient safety, therapy effectiveness and offering the highest standard of pharmacy services to its patients.

  2. Remain a trusted source of reliable and independent health information for patients in the era of digitalization and of multiplication of information sources, by making the innovative digital solutions integral to community pharmacy services.

  3. Play a pivotal role in the design, development, testing, implementation and uptake of ICT innovations to ensure they are fit for practice.

  4. Continue to provide advanced pharmacy services and promote remote monitoring and care, read-write access to shared electronics health record, use of electronic prescription and secure analysis of big data repositories, registries and other pharmacy-led databases.

  5. Use their unique position at the heart of European communities and leverage the potential of Big Data and AI to provide more personalized advice to patients and robust, evidence-based information on issues related to their therapies while promoting safe and rational medicines use.

On 20 February 2019, PGEU published a Position Paper on ‘Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare’ with the aim to show how community pharmacists are equipped to address the challenges and opportunities arising from digitalization in healthcare. It also provides key policy recommendations to take full benefit of the potential of Big Data and AI in healthcare and promote sustainable and resilient health systems in Europe.

190220E PGEU Position Paper on Big Data & Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare