Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union

Members Area

Financial Information

PGEU is an independent not-for-profit association representing the interests of European community pharmacists, registered under Belgian law as an AISBL (Association internationale sans but lucratif).

The operational budgetIn 2015, the budget of PGEU amounted to 852.613 euros.

The budget is devoted mainly to the core activities of the organisation: (1) collaboration with the EU institutions and international organisations in the interest of community pharmacists and (2) providing feedback to member organisations on EU developments related to community pharmacy practice.

PGEU is a founding member of the European Medicine Verification Organisation (EMVO) and in 2015, contributed to the operational costs of EMVO with a payment to EMVO of 32.271 euros.

The main sources of financing for the PGEU budget are PGEU member organisation membership fees. In 2015, their contributions represented 92.94% of the overall PGEU budget.

In addition, PGEU engages in a number of EU funded projects. As an associated partner in these projects PGEU received co-financing for its activities that accounted for 4.89% of its income in 2015. PGEU rents offices that accounted for 2.16% of its income in 2015.